Robert Edmonds, Michelle Edmonds


Hello there.

We are Michelle and Bob Edmonds of Markland House. We bought half of Markland House—186 Markland Street—way back in 2003. We were looking for a good place to house our design business, Electra Communications, and had always liked the Markland Street area. For more than a decade, we spent every working day there on the first floor, and refurbished the upstairs apartments as we went along.

We’ve had the pleasure of renting space to a number of wonderful people over the years. Many of them have stayed in touch as their lives and needs changed.

184 Markland Street

Recently, we purchased the attached building at 184 Markland Street. It was in very poor condition, so we decided that it would have to be stripped back to the studs, and completely renovated. With design by architect Stephane Chamarde and construction by Pedro Santos of ProBuilders, we have achieved some great results. All these brand-new apartments are happily occupied.

186 Markland Street

Once 184 Markland was completed, it was time for 186 Markland Street to undergo the same Cinderella treatment. That transformation is now complete, and a fine new group of people call 186 Markland Street home.

We are now working to complete the two-story deck at the rear. When the deck construction is finished, we’ll be able to complete the revised landscaping at the back, which includes changed parking areas, greenspace with native plants, and individual bike sheds.

We are not ‘developers’ in the classic sense—this will be our only project. We are working to make the apartments of Markland House the best rentals in Hamilton, and to be a good neighbour to everyone who lives on the street. We are members in good standing of the Durand Neighbourhood Association, and proud of the work the Association does to make this neighbourhood such a fine place to live.