Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a lease?

We use a Tenancy Agreement with a 1 year commitment, and we keep a waiting list.  We often have a waiting list for units. No sublets are permitted. Sometimes life can throw any of us a curveball, and if you need to make changes within the one year time frame, we will work with you. We like to have happy tenants.

How do I contact the landord or property manager?

You can email us anytime!   All tenants are provided with an after hours emergency number.

Do I need to provide references?  

Most definitely. We are only interested in excellent tenants.

Do I need to pay first and last month’s rent? 

Yes, the last month’s rent is required upon signing. The first month’s rent is required prior to move in.

What about smoking?  

Only non smokers should apply. Both buildings and the grounds are completely non-smoking.

And pets?

Our preference is no pets. There are residents with allergy issues. These newly-renovated apartments are pristine, and absolutely pet-free. Landlord will enter a unit (with notice) to respond promptly to all animal-related concerns/complaints.

How long do repairs take? 

What if my refrigerator breaks down? All repairs are done as quickly as possible, important ones within 24 hrs.

What appliances does the landlord provide?  

All the apartments have a fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer. Some units have a built-in microwave or air conditioning.

What about laundry?  

Every apartment has a brand new washer and dryer.

What about the utilities?  

The landlord pays for the gas and water. Tenants are responsible for setting up their own hydro account with Hamilton’s Alectra Utilities.

Where do I park? 

Each unit has one reserved onsite parking included in rent. The parking spots may be sublet, but only to other Markland House residents, never to non-residents.

Is guest parking available? 

Not normally, as all parking is reserved for the existing tenants. You may be able to make an arrangement with another tenant.


Apartments are spotless when turned over to new tenants, and it’s expected that all tenants will maintain this high standard throughout their tenancy. Upon Notice of Termination, apartments must be spotless, and ready to show to incoming potential tenants. Tenants will be charged a cleaning fee if the unit needs to be cleaned before showing potential tenants.

Snow Removal

We clear the sidewalks and common areas within 24 hrs after snowfall ends. We provide salt and shovels at all entrances and welcome tenants to assist us as they are able.  Much appreciated!

When a snowstorm is anticipated, tenants are encouraged to back into their parking spots, especially if they need to drive out promptly the next day.